Topic: Objects.

    During the course of your adventures here at EotL, you
will come across a variety of objects.  The following is a
list of commands that allow you to manipulate objects:

1.  Get                       Format: get <object>
--  Attempt to pick up an item from the room you are in.
    You may also use 'get all' to attempt to pick up all
    the items in the room you are currently in.

2.  Get From                  Format: get <object> from <where>
--  Attempt to remove an item from inside another item.

3.  Drop                      Format: drop <object>
--  Attempt to drop an item you are carrying.  You may also
    use 'drop all' to attempt to drop your entire inventory.

4.  Give                      Format: give <object> to <who>
--  Attempt to give an item to another player, or to a monster.
    You cannot give away items that cannot be dropped.

5.  Put                       Format: put <object> in <where>
--  Attempt to put an item into another item.  You cannot put
    things into players or monsters; you must use the 'give'

6.  Junk                      Format: junk <object>
--  Attempt to get rid of an item you are carrying and do not
    want.  You cannot junk items that contain other items,
    wielded or worn items, and items you cannot drop.

7.  Show                      Format: show <object> to <who>
--  Show another player the description of an item you are

See also: inventory, encumbrance, syntax.

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