Topic: Communication.

    We are a very social bunch here at EotL.  Many players like
to run around and kill things together.  Half the of the fun is
interacting with other players.  You may use feelings to perform
a variety of actions in, on, and to other players.  We have
several channels that allow people to discuss important
issues.  The followiing is a list of commands that faciliate

1.  Say.                      Format: say <message>
--  Everyone in the same room, including you, sees your message.

2.  Tell.                     Format: tell <who> <message>
--  Only the player <who> sees your message with a tell.  They do
    not need to be in the same room as you.

3.  Multiple Tell.            Format: tell <who>, <who> <message>
--  Each player you include will see the message.  There is no
    limit to the number of players you can group tell at the
    same time.

4.  Whisper.                  Format: whisper <who> <message>
--  You can only whisper to someone in the same room as you.
    Other players will see you whispering, but will not know
    what you've said.

5.  Emote.                    Format: emote <message>
--  And emote is shown to everyone who is in the room with you.
    They will see your name, followed by the message.

6.  Reply.                    Format: reply <message>
--  The last person who sent you a tell will receive your message
    when you use reply.  To reply to everyone in a group tell,
    use the format: reply -a <message>.

7.  Tell (dot).                Format: tell . <message>
--  This command will send your message to the same person
    you sent your last tell to.

8.  Converse.                 
--  The old "converse" command has been replaced with "mode say".
     See "mode" for more information on how to use it.
9.  Shout.                    Format: shout <message>
--  Only wizards can shout.  Should you wish to express your
    message to a large number of players, use a channel.
See also: channel, feelings, mode.

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