Topic: Combat.
    When you attack something or something attacks you, you enter combat.
Combat consists of a combat round, called every two seconds of real
time.  Each combat round, the attacker and the victim trade off attempts
at hitting each other, casting spells, initiating skills, and other
nasty things.
    The ultimate goal of combat is to kill your opponent.  This results
in gaining experience points and any treasure that opponent might
have been carrying.  However, if you die during combat, you will
become a ghost and must pay a visit to Dr. Frankenstein.
    If your opponent, or opponents are too difficult for you to handle,
you may find that fleeing from them is the best way to stay alive.  You
can try to flee combat by moving away from your aggressors in any available
direction.  Sometimes, your opponents will have the chance to pull you
back into combat before you can escape -- be careful!  Fleeing may be
automated with the wimpy command.

See also: death, kill, experience, fleeing, wimpy, defend.

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