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    We welcome you to End of the Line.  As a newbie here at EotL you might
feel a little lost; however, you are not alone!  We are here to help.  If
you are left with any questions after reading this FAQ, please explore our
extensive help system.

1. I just logged in.  Where the devil am I?

    When you first login, you could be in one of several locations.  Your
inital starting location is based on your race.  Most likely, you were
placed in the EotL Lounge.  This is the default starting location.  It is at
the center of the Eternal City--the heart and soul of EotL.  You will be
comforted to learn that the Lounge is one of the few non-pkilling rooms on
the mud.  The Lounge is equiped with a magic vending machine which can furnish
you with useful items such as a dagger or a Guide to EotL.  If you go 'down'
from the Lounge you will find yourself in the Heart of the Eternal City.  You
may enjoy adventuring through this city but you must be careful!  The EC is a
popular newbie killing zone.  You will find refuge in some of the more remote
areas of the mud.  

2. Now that I'm here, where should I go now?

    EotL has many newbie friendly areas.  The most popular of these is
called Easy Land.  It is only a hop skip and a jump from the Heart of the
Eternal City.  Your adventure to Easy Land begins in the Eternal City Library.
Once you have read the thrilling novel, "Lawrence of Arabia," you will find
yourself in a desert.  Heading north will lead you to Easy Land.  You may
also find your way to the Crimson City in the South and Gnomelands to the
east across the Rainbow Bridge.

The land of Entesia also houses some very newbie friendly areas.  If you
enjoy fishing, you will have no trouble finding Entesia.  A fish pond
with a stone border can be found direclty east of the Heart of the
Eternal City.  Take a swim to discover the vast land of Entesia.  You may
also want to investigate the land of Baronar.  Follow Limbo Land west
from the Heart of the Eternal city until you reach the Top of a Green Hill.
From here proceed _down_ into Baronar.

If you find a Wild Elven Horse wandering about the Eternal City, go
ahead and try to mount it.  You will be whisked off to Elf land.

There are several castles around the Eternal City.  Castle Drakmoor could
offer many interesting oppertunities to a newbie -- especially to those
who enjoy riddles.  Doom Castle lies to the northeast of the Eternal City.
From the Old Road Intersection follow the Path east until you come to
the castle.

A visit to the Videopolis might lead to some interesting adventures.
Being a couch potato is a good thing in this case!

You may also want to pay a visit to the Xmen blackbird.  It is a classic
area and a nice place get a feel for life here at EotL.  The blackbird
is one room south from the Heart of the Eternal City.

That should give you enough to start with.  Take a look at the Map of
the Eternal City.  You can use 'help map' to see a copy or you can
buy a map from the vending machine in the lounge.

3. Where do I get equipment?  What should I use?

    Right off the bat you should buy a dagger and a Guide to EOTL from
the vending machine in the lounge.  Both are specifically designed to
help players who are starting out.  The dagger is a good newbie weapon
and you can use it to get a feel for the game.  The Guide has useful
features such as the 'beam me up' command which will transport you
back to the Heart of the Eternal City.

Otherwise, it is up to you to decide what equipment to use.  To begin
with you will probably be restricted to what you can find on the
ground or what other people give you.  Entesia is a good place to
start looking for around for equipment lying about.  Also try the
TransUniversal Portal.  You might run into it wandering the Eternal City.

4. How do i raise my statistics?

    You can raise your statistics by spending your experience points
at any advancement location.  The most common place to do this is
in the Temple of the Ages.  From the Heart of the Eternal City, the
temple is found by following Limbo Land west until the Intersection
with Tanelorn Road and then proceeding south into the temple.

5. Why am I a ghost?  How do I un-die?  How do I get my body back?

     If you are a ghost it is because you died.  When your player
dies on EotL you become a ghost.  All your equipment stays on your
corpse and you become a lonely floating spirit.  Ghosts have limited
abilities.  Most of the commands available to players when alive do
not function when a player is a ghost.  This makes things a little
more confusing.  If you are far from the Eternal City at your time
of death you will have to float all the way back without the aide
of magical items.

You cannot un-die.  Death is an integral part of the game.  When
you die you suffer a death peanalty.  This means your skills,
proficiencies, and statistics will be somewhat lower than they
were before you died.

To be reborn you need a new body.  The one and only person to
help you with that is Dr. Frankenstein himself.  You may visit
his Body Shop in the Eternal City.  Once there, you can
regenerate to once again join the living.  (or the undead
depending on your character)  Please use 'help map' to see a
map of the Eternal City and find Dr. Frankenstein's Body Shop.

6. Are there any quests on EotL?

    Quests are thought up by wizards to make a mortals life more interesting.
Solving one usually involves killing something(s) and bringing some sort
of quest item(s) to a certain place/person.  Although there are quests
that involve no killing (honest!).  These typically require you to go 
through a maze, solve some sort of puzzle, find a really weird item, and
return it to a hermit in the remotest part of a desert.  Quests vary in
difficulty, some kill you outright, while others slowly eat you alive.

7. What am I supposed to do here?

    The goal here at EotL is to have fun.  In general, mortals run around
killing monsters.  When you kill a monster, you gain what we call experience.
This experience is used to raise your statistics -- strength, intelligence,
willpower, constitution, dexterity, and charisma.  The most common place
to raise your statistics is the Temple of the Ages.  You will find the temple
west of the Heart of the Eternal City, south off of Limbo Lane.

8. What do I do with my stuff when I want to quit?

    A system of lockers exists which allows you, for a small fee, to
store items such as weapons and armor while you are offline.  There are
lockers located throughout the mud.  As a newbie, you may want to try the
Bed & Breakfast Inn north of the Heart of the Eternal City, west off of
Eternal Way.

9. Can I save my coins when I quit?

    Yes, you may deposit your coins in any of the banks located all
over the mud.  When you logon again, you can withdraw your money.
Certain taxes do exist, so do not be alarmed if you have slightly less
money then when you last played.

See also: armor, combat, death, etiquette, weapons, map.

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