Valentino at TIP Coffee

March 18 and March 25, 1997

These photos are still being scanned, so expect an eventual total of 14 or so photos when I'm done.

City Espresso is a coffee shop in the San Jose, California area. Inside are five computers connected to the internet, and it doesn't cost anything to use them, though the people who work there will probably hate you if you don't buy something while you're there.

Valentino was visiting California for Spring Break (he goes to school in Massachussetts). He wanted to see Rookie's "asylum for rich kids" for himself while he was out here.

These photos, taken with Valentino's camera, are not of the greatest quality. We hope you understand.

[PHOTO] 31K JPEG image
The EotL local hotspot: City Espresso in Santa Clara. In the foreground are Dark, Valentino, and Guido.

[PHOTO] 23K JPEG image
Guido hams it up, with Lister, ?, and Arson behind him. The retro Safeway sign can be seen in the background.

[PHOTO] 32K JPEG image
Nala (looking surprised), Minister, Walker, Megan, and Iffy

[PHOTO] 19K JPEG image
Jezebel, Rabi, and Stern

[PHOTO] 23K JPEG image

[PHOTO] 43K JPEG image
Valentino and Guido show Melody how to play c-lo

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