Topic: Rogue Guild

   Rogues are those that live by wit, cunning, and dexterity rather than 
brute strength, prolonged endurance, or sheer force of will.  A rogue will
sneak in during the night and take what he needs to survive, or will use his
charm and grace to dazzle and distract you, or just simply sneak up behind
you and end your life with a well placed knife in the back before you even
realize they are there.

There are 3 specializations in the Rogue Guild:

   A secret group of professional killers, stealth and cunning are required
to track your target, make the kill, and get away clean.  If you ever have a
problem that requires professional handling, ask about.  You may be able to
get someone to take care of it for you.

   The wandering minstrels are a loose group of rogues armed not only with
knives, but also with the lute, horn and voice.  The power of music can be
used to soothe and lure, or as a weapon -- to steal and kill.  For more info,
seek Snakespeare within Bard Castle, southwest of EC.

   Thieves rely on stealth to and dexterity to ply their trade.  Their quick
hands allow them to steal what they need, or plant the evidence on someone
else if cornered.  They are skilled at getting into things that others don't
want them getting into, and taking things others don't want taken.

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