Lobstar Bear race

Lobstar Bears are, like the name suggests, a cross between a bear and a
lobster.  These ursocrustaceans stand roughly the same height as a human when
mature, though they continue to grow throughout their lives.  Their skin is
thick, matted blackish or brownish fur broken up with chitinous plates that
cover large, nonflexible areas.  Their thorax is segemented plates, and they
have a swept carapace from their shoulders to the top of their head.  Though
they remain mostly flexible, they lack some of the range of movement as
humans, notable in their lack of neck, and relatively short, stubby legs.
Lobstar Bears stink really badly.  Another notable feature is that they have
claws rather than hands.  While being more flexible and developed than
traditional lobster claws, they are still lacking when compared to hands.
Their chitinous plates are greenish/blueish, and prevent them from wearing
much in the way of additional armor.  The plates do grow thicker and stronger
as they grow older, occasionally being shed and replaced.

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