Topic: intermud [/muds, /who[@mud], /last, ;<emote>, ]<emote>, <msg>]
Example : channel intermud /who@kerovnia
          channel intermud How do you clone something?

  The intermud channel is connected between several muds and works similarly
to how a normal EotL channel works in that you can use the /last, ;<emote>,
and /who[@mud] options.  'intermud' alone toggles the channel on/off for you.
To say something on the channel, simply use 'intermud <msg>.'  On EotL, the
messages for the intermud channel are displayed like this:

    [IM] -<mud>- <who>: <msg>

  To see a list of muds that your message might reach, type 'help muds.'
'channel intermud /last' displays a brief backlog of what's been going on on
the channel so you can get caught up in the conversation.

See also:  finger, tell, who

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