Wizard Levels

This log is from May 16, 1994.

[Yahoo] Xurbax: hey, i only got one suggested list of new level names, btw...
[Yahoo] Minister: how bout: Lamer, App, Wizzie, Archdude
[Yahoo] Salt: hmmmmm, didn't you get mine?
[Yahoo] Xurbax: umm... don't think so, salt... think i only got one from
[Yahoo] Minister: Lamers are mortals, Apps are wannabe wizzies, wizzies are
        everyone, and Archdudes are you and dunk
[Yahoo] Locus: what?  when did you ask for a list of new level names?
[Yahoo] Minister: thats off the toppa my head
[Yahoo] Minister: sides
[Yahoo] Minister: I think Wizzie is annoying enough to drive everyone up the
[Yahoo] Minister: and I miss App
[Yahoo] Minister: okay, how many new levels will there be?
[Yahoo] Zamboni: Frob, Twiddle, Tweak
[Yahoo] Xurbax: ok... salt suggests frog, grunt/slave, flunky, boss, ceo/coo
        (none for mortal)...
[Yahoo] Xurbax: let's see... aleron had: tadpole, guppy, frog, lacky,
[Yahoo] Xurbax: i think we're going to have to mix lists...
[Yahoo] Nguu: How about: Mortal, App, Wizard, Elder, Arch, God?
[Yahoo] Minister: how bout... strongarm, gunman, flunky, boss, Don, based
        offa salt
[Yahoo] Xurbax: how about, we can talk about one level name at a time...
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: hey, Nguu, that has a nice ring to it!
[Yahoo] Zamboni: But the themes are the whole point
[Yahoo] Xurbax: starting with: Mortals...
[Yahoo] Salt: yah, Don Xurbax
[Yahoo] Minister: I like Don
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: how about a theme other than amphibious lifeforms
[Yahoo] Salt: we can have Godfather background music playing
[Yahoo] Minister: Mortal is fine
[Yahoo] Zamboni: If we abandon the themes, I say we go for titles that have
        no obvious ordinal relationship.
[Yahoo] Locus: howsabout Wimp, Nerd, Moron, Idiot, Dork, and Dumbass?
[Yahoo] Nguu: Make it "Donut" instaed of "Don"...then we'd have "Donut
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: hmm
[Yahoo] Xurbax: best i've heard for God is Grand-Poobah...
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: it's been done
[Yahoo] Zamboni: Well, someone else had good taste then.
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: but I suppose you can call yourself any damn thing you
        want  :)
[Yahoo] Minister: mortals == mortals != immortals
[Yahoo] Salt: how about Fish, Carrot, Granite, Air, Oatmeal......in no
        particular order
[Yahoo] Zamboni: We need a bergermeister.
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: how bout: fungus, mineral, vegetable, animal
[Yahoo] Xurbax: oh well, i must go unfortunately... if you guys come up with
        any good names, post em on the inner board...
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: cirrus, stratus, nimbus, cumulonimbus
[Yahoo] Zamboni: We could go by the basic food groups: Spam, Cheeze_Food,
        Pez, etc
[Yahoo] Salt: Yah! I wanna be a Spam-Wiz
[Yahoo] Locus licks Xurbax.
[Yahoo] Salt: or mebbe Cheese-Fud
[Yahoo] Zamboni: Or we could have them be randomly assigned from
        /usr/dict/words every day
[Yahoo] Salt: woah........so, like, I could log on and be Mucus-Wiz one day,
        and Gonad-Wiz the next?
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: ENIAC, PDP-11, Apple II, IBMPC, Sparc20
[Yahoo] Minister: Trash-80
[Yahoo] Zamboni: Gak.  People would war over which ranked higher
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: hehe, good point
[Yahoo] Minister: wha?
[Yahoo] Windrunner: Can we have a vegie-burgermeister?
[Yahoo] Minister: whats to argue?
[Yahoo] Minister: oh, no, sorry, the apple II was far better than any IBMPC
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: well it could be more obvious... ENIAC, PDP-11, 80486,
[Yahoo] Zamboni: Yeah, and we could rename it GeekMUD
[Yahoo] Windgoats: hey I know a way that us ic people could feel even more
        powerful, recruit, officer, general, president
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: :-o
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: like that doesn't apply already, Zamboni?  ;)
[Yahoo] Windrunner: then cabals would actually mean somehting.
[Yahoo] Zamboni -)
[Yahoo] Windrunner: like, theey could polt to overthrow govt's and schitt.
[Yahoo] Minister: naw
[Yahoo] Minister: lets use sailor, Bosun, cap'n, admiral
[Yahoo] Minister: Bosun is too cool a word to use
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: umm... Haiti, Cuba, Mexico, England, USA
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: or something
[Yahoo] Zamboni: These are supposed to be ranks.  We should be picking things
        that smell really bad.
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: ha
[Yahoo] Zamboni: (like that joke for example)
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer nods.
[Yahoo] Salt: Dirty Socks
[Yahoo] Minister: how bout Socks, dog breath, burning shit, windrunners feet?
[Yahoo] Nightswimmer: muenster, cheddar, swiss, limburger....