Wizard Chat

This one of the older logs, from Oct. 11, 1992.

Pteranod (wiz): ok studs whats the logical NOT?
Zamboni (wiz): !
Yakker (wiz): ~
Waldo (wiz): No, ^
Yakker (wiz): Not.
Locus (wiz): ?
Waldo (wiz): No, I mean ~
Yakker (wiz): *laugh*
Yakker (wiz): It's ~
Waldo (wiz): No, that's what I mean :-) ~
Yakker (wiz): Unless it's a regular expression, in which ~ does a
 if (/&strblahblah/ ~ "blah")
Pteranod (wiz): that works in LPC?  Thats what it is in logic!
Watson (wiz): no no no.. it's ``
Waldo (wiz): ! <- Logical NOT  ~ <- bitwise logical NOT  ^ <- XOR | <- OR
 & <- AND
Pteranod (wiz): bullshit!  Its an exclamation point!
Pteranod (wiz): thanks
Zamboni (wiz): | <- bitwise OR, || <- logical or.   & <- bitwise AND,
 && <- logical AND
Ubu (wiz): No, the sign for a logical bullshit is %
Zamboni (wiz): Alas, that's mod.
Waldo (wiz): No, % is mod, @ is bullshit.
Yakker (wiz): No, that's MOD.  You mean @)(%#(Y)@)()&^!*&%^!
Zamboni (wiz): i.e. it's hip.  It's vogue.
Waldo (wiz): The wave?
Ubu (wiz): I thought vogue was "
Zamboni (wiz): No, that's buckteeth.  Vogue is ;
Ubu (wiz): Oh, yeah, I can't keep those strait...
Ubu (wiz): straight
Pteranod (wiz): what is inequality?  Is it <>?
Zamboni (wiz): !=
Pteranod (wiz): really!
Pteranod (wiz): It will be a long time before I forget that stuff again.  I
 should treasure these moments.