Kean's review of 'Ransom'

ransom [Kean, Mon Nov 18 07:58:06]
 i kinda liked it, mel
 gibson is always pretty
 good.. donnie walberg was
 in the flic too, rookie
 loves d.w. mmm doncha.
 my car got towed while i
 was watchin the movie tho,
 i parked in a dunken dog-
 hnuts lot and put a dd 
 napkin in the window hopin
 to win their simpathy but
 it didn work.  i called up
 roberts towing and said
 'GIMMI BACK MY CAR!@!!' but
 the guy i think his name was
 robert didnt get it.  i 
 paid $15 bucks fer the movie
 and another $85 to get my 
 car back... and to repay my
 friend for drivin me to get
 my car i paid $20 buks fer
 breakfast the next day.

 so anyweis 'ransom' was good
 but not worth the $120 to see.

                   - kean