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[wahoo, the sequel]

[IM-Intermud] -EotL- Rookie: if yer in the city, you can drink me at the bar
              i work at.  i manage there thursdays and sundays now

(Wiz) Devo: so I think I might go out and shoot my friends and stuff

You have new mail from Zippo, re: beer -> here.

Superfluous says: jklasdfruioew,zvM.lasfjkdyo289023490qeijalzxc
Superfluous apologizes to everyone.
Superfluous says: there was a spider in my kb
Superfluous was hoping to smash him.

Pyra tells Purge: yer raistlin w/o a promotion

Who says: it's not a hickey. it an epidermal abrasion due to oral contact.

[Yahoo] Tyrus: I have changed so much stuff on this mud without people you  
        wouldn't believe it

<Code> The ghost of Sly: it's been eons since i died.  all attemps at looking
       up regeneration, healing, etc.. have resulted in unclear solutions..
       whats the "new" way?
<Code> Nyarlathotep: type regenerate
<Code> The ghost of Sly: did that
<Code> Reflex laFs.
<Code> Sly: i think
<Code> Sly: oops

Nyg says: hmmm, i'm looking at a pool with random body parts hopping out
Nyg says: should i go in?
Nyg says: oww i died

(Wiz) Mute: not as interesting as jail but interesting nonetheless
(Wiz) Zippo: i thought jail was the most uninteresting place i've ever been

<Code> Nazgul: would that be a legitimate grammar here?             

(Wiz) Xaipe: this place is kinda really boring without morals

Duncan tells you: "my anaconda dont want none unless you got buns hon"..

(Wiz) Anastasia: god, I haven't talked to a mudder on the phone since like,
      rookie called me while he was [on the can]

(Wiz) Mute: well on that note i'm going to go turn on my babysitter and be
      babysat fer the next couple of hours.

Minister shouts: I cant wait for the spice girls movie!

(WildBoar) Reflex: i secretly like country music

(Wiz) Skullface: naked spice girls crashed my computer

Devilspawn wants you but doesnt know how.

{Death} Packers goes: Don't hurt me, I worked hard for my stats!
        Broncos goes: Here's a quarter, call someone who cares.
        Broncos rips Packers's head off [in combat]

//Sports// Bill: white men cant hump
//Sports// Bill: i mean jump j jump

[IM-Intermud] -EotL- Jimbotomy: But antidisestablishmentarianism refers to a
              mind-set, not a type of person.  People practicing
              antidisestablishmentarianism would be
              antidisestablishmentarianists, by virtue of their
              antidisestablishmentarianistic tendencies.

(Wiz) Doodlebug: You know, greg told me how to get on to here, but not how to
      get off

"I'm one queen of spades away from bringing down this mud."
           Jimbotomy, upon receiving his 5th queen in a single game of Hearts

(Wiz) Nyg: my dad was a failed abortion

(Wiz) Rookie: zaphod never hit on me.  story of my life

Gubo asks: well, do the wizes and admins get any leadership out of duncan 
           xurbax and luger?
-- While talking about EotL administration, on Earthmud

[Yahoo] Sarah: i am a kickass unkilled laborer

<Bogsip> Tadzia: hell, there are probably some goodlooking, single male
         arches out there....

"For me, mud is my life"
           Devo, in a Mudconnector interview

[-PHA-] Hodge: no im tired and gotta go sleep with myself

(Wiz) Luger: i agree with purge

[Yahoo] Ricorn: man i wish i could get win98 for this sun
[Yahoo] Ricorn: darn this unix all to heck

(Wiz) Anastasia: goodbye purge.  Til we meet over the AC unit again

[Yahoo] Tabitha: You're a paragon, Fugue.
[Yahoo] Fugue: whats a paragon?
[Yahoo] Tabitha: One to be looked up to.
[Yahoo] Fugue: I don't have a dictionary.

Achilles tells you: get a new isp
Achilles tells you: one that works
Achilles tells you: get aol

[Yahoo] Devo: few things give me more pleasure than desting someone before
        they get a chance to log off
[Yahoo] Devo: because if you log back on just to log off you look really
        really stupid

(Wiz) Beckster: tori spelling is a goddess

(Wiz) Knox: is 7-11 24hours"?

<Bogsip> Clairvoyant: damn ive got a song stuck in my head for two days now
<Bogsip> Luger: must be a long #@(%in song

+=Linux=+(beer) Zippo: knox looks like dennis the menace

(Wiz) Anastasia: I'm pretty sure I know more about your penis than you do knox

(Wiz) Luger: i like exlax

(Wiz) Sickboy: it is NOT HUGE

(Wiz) Maelstrom: bacon cookies would rule

Devo shouts: JEEZUS am I the only one who liked the ALF cartoon?

{Cant} Palladium: do wiz's kill stuff? 

(Wiz) Luger: beanie babies are the greatest thing since sliced mure

(Wiz) Purge: ishmael is like a combination of Beckster, KenHW, and Anthrax
      all wrapped up trying to emulate Raistlin

Beckster tells you: i couldn't tell from the shankfest pics...is psycho male
                  or female?
Beckster tells you: i was leaning toward female 8)

Tabitha says: I need to make a little help file on scoring, too.

<Bogsip> Purge: so wot time do you want me to pick you up, Hanah?
<Bogsip> Hannah: how about the year 3953

(Wiz) Beckster: i was in a small group communication class and did a project
      with a guy who later tweaked and was sniping with a rifle at folks on
      the running path
(Wiz) Beckster: he shot a couple people but didn't kill anyone, then killed
(Wiz) Zamboni: Remind me not to do any projects with you.

You say: you mind if we pick up purge?
Laurana says: just as long as I got gun

(CanucK) Rookie: chicks would be all over me with a name like Pumpy

(Wiz) Anastasia: byebye I'm going to go get all hot and sweaty and wait for
      Mr. UPS now

{bughouse} Colition: duncan is loose

"So you aren't Sarah's dad, are you?"
           Chuck's Mom to Purge after meeting him and Laurana (Sarah) for the first time.

(Wiz) Hodge: hrm, maybe xaipe and ricorn will help me become sexy on Sunday

Tracy says: maybe just to make me feel better Bill Gates will die of some very
            painful unknows organ exploding diseases tonite

(Wiz) Laurana: wondering how my mac started using windows

<Bogsip> Hannah: What does the L stand for?  Luger Ron Hubbard?

(Wiz) Rookie: Ginger Spice realized she was the only Spice with a speck of
      talent and bailed

Nyg says: i have no respect for devo because he's a short ugly white guy

Devo says: i'm pretty asexual

Reflex tells you: i think i'm on to something
Reflex tells you: when i tell dudes i bought a racing yoyo
Reflex tells you: they think i'm nuts
Reflex tells you: when i tell chicks they think its kewl
Reflex tells you: an if i take it with me somewhere an i'm yoyoing an chicks
                see it they start flirtin with me
Reflex tells you: you should git a yoyo

Luger goes: purge dont be mad at me honey

<Gossip> Calin: you were a nobody when I ruled this mud

(Wiz) Psycho: aye, I just has to be done

(Wiz) Purge: i agree with devo

(Wiz) Maera: beanie babies arent cool
(Wiz) Maera: no i like barney better
(Wiz) Maera: i dont mind barney, i even know all the songs

(Wiz) Ricorn: don't feel bad, i lost my virginity to jabba the hut

[Yahoo] Nyg: knox reminds me of vag cept he seems to have been raised by bill

Tick said: we're prolly gonna go have sex soon so....
Tick says, "I'll be away from the keyboard for a sec..."

Devo reconnected.  (mail.pornmail.com)

Belgarath tells you: you know offhand if tuna companies have emails?

(Wiz) Fugue: %Horndog has gone link-dead.
(Wiz) Fugue: ah yes... premature disconnection... its a problem we all face
      at one time or another

Chuck says: sorry,typing with one hand here

(Wiz) Nyg: i learned a hard lesson today
(Wiz) Nyg: don't play twister with fat chicks involved

<Code> Hodge: im going to marry zamboni and have his children

<Gossip> Sophie: Why are all the good men taken, gay or related to Devo?

(Wiz) Hannah: damn chickens are the downfall of civilization

Xaipe says: i'm all about small, short and quick -- ya know?

[Yahoo] Devo: so I got this seagram's bartending guide
[Yahoo] Devo: it's got bullshots in it
[Yahoo] Devo: 1 1/4 oz vodka, 1 tsp lemon juice, 3-4 worcestershire sauce, 1
        dash tabasco sauce, 4 oz. beef bouillon, chilled
[Yahoo] Hannah: that sounds so utterly disgusting
[Yahoo] Devo: yeah, not enough worcestershire

Message 58
From Devo  (Tue Aug  4 12:00:29 1998)
To: Luger, Markus, Ricorn, Purge
Subject: apology

To whom it may concern:
    Please accept my deepest apologies for any concerns or troubles
I may have caused you in the past.  I'm very sorry.


(Wiz) Devo: and I quote:
(Wiz) Devo: Bobby,
(Wiz) Devo: Chris (Hodge) called and said he is really upset cause he cant
      get ahold of you.
(Wiz) Devo: (He sounded really gay)

Half a day later...
[Yahoo] Hodge: i need you to beat your sister up ok devo?

(Wiz) Ishmael: I think He has a sense of humor
(Wiz) Kesey: That's why He made valentino

Zippo goes: dammit
Zippo goes: i can't get this alias to work right
Zippo goes: 'mbox' aliased to: cc object

{Cant} Darkshadow: sorry, I was in another women
{Cant} Darkshadow: er window