More selections from /open/bogleg/.quotes

Fredrik says: no showering and no deoderant kept my mom outa my room fer a
Fredrik says: then again, i didn't have any friends that year

<Gossip> Purge: get yer minds outta the gutter
<Gossip> Hannah: why, so your mind can dwell there alone?  =)

<Gossip> Kenja sings, "My, my, my, music makes me, so hard. Makes me think; Oh
         My Lord! Thank you, for blessin' me with a mind to rhyme and two hype
         feet! It feels good, when you know you're down, a super dope homeboy
         from the Oaktown etc etc etc"
<Gossip> Ricorn: my my my music hits me so hard makes me say oh my lawd thank
         you for blessing me with a mind to rhyme and to fast feet feels good
         when you know you're down a super dope homeboy from the old town and
         im known as such and this is the thing you can't touch
<Gossip> Kenja: HEhehehehehehehe
<Gossip> Kenja: Jinx
<Gossip> Ricorn: jeezus hugeass jinx

(Wiz) Purge: I don't think wizzes should go around harrassing mortals
(Wiz) Purge: that isn't our job.
(Wiz) Purge: Skuse me while I go edit again

(Wiz) Rookie: hey, i hate the big three
(Wiz) Rookie: Star Trek
(Wiz) Rookie: Doom
(Wiz) Rookie: Magic
(Wiz) Rookie: bume
(Wiz) Blackjack: wow
(Wiz) Blackjack: the anti-Locus

Zork tells you: I couldn't hack my way down to mortal

(WildBoar) Jife: we 3 elders
(WildBoar) Jife: rule the mud
(WildBoar) Jife: Zork the Guild Master
(WildBoar) Jife: Jife the Super Duper Stuf Muffin
(WildBoar) Jife: and Reflex the Accepted Fairie

(Wiz) Markus: the people above me are home
(Wiz) Markus: i can hear every single thing they do up there
(Wiz) Markus: i think they are a pair of 800 pound aerobics instructors

Guest_rv tells you: i need some help...i have a char named deathdealer on
                  here....unless someone else took the name...and i cant seem
                  to remember my password...i wrote it down and i cant find
                  the paper...but i thought i remembered it..can you help??,

(Wiz) Xyzzy: Okay, I might break the editor here...

Hodge tells you: I dropped my watch in the toliet today when I was [having a
               bowel movement]
Hodge tells you: it sucked
You tell Hodge: before flushing?
Hodge tells you: yah
Hodge tells you: after going
You tell Hodge: gross
Hodge tells you: so i flushed it

(Wiz) Minister: bacon is the supreme sexy taste

(Wiz) Alias: wot is ramen?
(Wiz) Mobius: hows the weather on your planet alias?

Nyg says: i can't believe that after 5 years i still type glance every
          once in awhile for silent moving players on a mud that hasn't
          existed in 4 years

(Wiz) Motorola: I never had 'everclear' explained in English lessons. Is a 
      cleaning fluid or a drinkable one ?

{Cant} Israel: Heh. I thought I had lag, but I'd merely forgot to press return

(Wiz) Hodge: im gunna go to bed
(Wiz) Hodge: and hope my gas is gone when i wank up

Valentino says: it was like easy
Valentino says: I speak the dan languatge
Valentino says: er damn language
(Valentino re: finishing his English final before anyone else.)

Nude tells Devo: what does it take to be a wizard
Devo tells Nude: clothes

When you were a little kid, were you ever playing happily in the sandpit, peacefully doing your own thing, and some other little snot-nosed kid came along, said 'Hey, you're not doing that right!', and kicked down your sandcastle? Devo is that kid.
           Tabitha on Devo removing channels

(Wiz) Ghost: i have no faith in any two people of the opposite sex by
      themselves in any place larger than a microwave oven

(Wiz) Hodge: $#!^, how long does it take fer 2 lbs of beer to defrost?
{he meant to say beef}

Radium tells you: I coudn't even code a damn paper bag to find myway out of

You say: this week i learned if you have a handgun, you can have sex.
You cough michael irvin.
Ricorn says: wouldn't work for me
Ricorn says: chick'd be like "nah, jez shoot me"

(Wiz) Nardo: can elders demote people, or only arches?

[Yahoo] Markus: i need to score every 15 seconds or else i go mental
{he meant the score command, which Valentino broke}

(Wiz) Hodge: well snoopy is a little kiddie teach you how to write porngram
(Wiz) Hodge: /s/porngram/program

(Wiz) Jezebel: I like hemmerhoids myself
(Wiz) Jezebel: well not personally

Rookie shouts: dear god if i dont get laid soon im donatin my [penis] on the
               back of my driver's license
(Wiz) Dent: they won't want it .. they want organs that have been proved to

(WildBoar) Rookie: sex, is that all y'all guys talk about?

<Code> Psycho: can someone help with a problem i am having with my member?

Reverse tells you: damnit, I dropped my pager into the toilet

<Gossip> Deamos: who here knows what lucite is?
<Gossip> Deamos: i want to encase myself in it with my eyes open after i die...
         and i want it kept in the living room of my first born child, to be
         passed down generation to generation
<Gossip> Deamos: but my ultimate plan is to get an infered sensor to track
         people in the room, and have glass eyes hooked up to servos so my eyes
         would follow people around

[Yahoo] Gandalf: Guest_hc...144: tell duncan teach me closures plz?
[Yahoo] Duncan: You tell Guest_hc: we'll start with connection closures...
[Yahoo] Duncan: dest: 1 object destroyed

(Wiz) Sly: im so lame. i accidently downloaded a portugese version of

{Cant} Evil: I would sooner just call up and make funny noises in the phone
       than use Aol.

Skullface tells you: I gotta see my girlfriend/cousin...

(Wiz) Jezebel: anyone know why we are lagging so much?
(Wiz) Fugue: the moon is aligned with neptune, causing a unique gravitational
      pull on the Earth which has changed the rotational velocity. At this
      new velocity, the megnetic field created by the spinning Earth is
      increased, also increasing resistance across circuits which has in turn
      slowed down the machine Eotl is runing on.
(Wiz) Fugue: or Morph's been coding

(Wiz) Ricorn: calc II sucks
(Wiz) Ricorn: i think i need a visual aide.. ima drill a cylindrical
      hole radius R in my prof's spherical head radius a, and find the

(Wiz) Zippo: '(pushd ~/.netscape;cp -f preferences p.old;perl -p -e
      '\''s/^(STARTUP_MODE:\t+)(.)$/${1}1/;'\'' preferences >p.tmp; mv
      -f p.tmp preferences;popd;netscape;pushd ~/.netscape;mv -f p.old
      preferences;popd)>/dev/null 2>&1'

(Wiz) Rookie: you know, when i was in boston and i heard a report about 39
      people kiilling themselves, the internet, and california all in the
      same sentence, was i the only person that thought "tip pizza"?

<Gossip> Eowynn: is there an Addams family area on the Mud?
<Gossip> Ricorn: aye
<Gossip> Ricorn: 's called upper yahoo

<Gossip> Lister wields Rincewind in one hand.
<Gossip> Aleron: don't go there

(Wiz) Bauhaus: do you have ansi smell?
(Wiz) Hodge: no, I just showered and took care of that.

(Wiz) Hodge: I just emailed jennicam
(Wiz) Hodge hangs his head in shame.

(Wiz) Susan: Anthrax mades an exquisite red rose for you.
(Wiz) Susan panics, and attempts to flee!
(Wiz) Rookie: you were askin for it man
(Note: Susan == Ghost/Nyg/Meson/Greymouser/whoever)

(Wiz) Nyet: it takes a special kind of addiction to be indoctrinated into the
      inner circle
(Wiz) Tabitha: "Stupidity"

(Wiz) Voy: I had a menstrual cycle when I was a kid
(Wiz) Voy: man that thing was hard to master
(Wiz) Voy: eventually I had to get training wheels

(Wiz) Ricorn: man if dennis got s'more ram and tyrus dinna code we could stay
      up for a week

"He was a dark low-human. His malicious alignment intrigued and aroused her. Would they end up in the gazebo? Or would it be a moment of firey passion some late night in the deserted lounge. Her dexterity dropped 2 points as she quivered with excitement. Oh how she longed for him to put her on his friends list. He, of course, was on her others list. A girl couldn't be too forward."
           Ricorn's attempt at his first mud romance novel

(Wiz) Mute: i failed outta school in order to put an area online.

You tell Slepa: and the monster killed you in the interim
Slepa tells you: whats the interim

<Code> Zodiac: wots the differnce from using == or != on a if/else statement.

(Wiz) Scorch: haha that's not as bad as harlequin thinking the spice girls
      were the women on Dune who collected spice tho

Zippo shouts: #&(%
Zippo shouts: #&(%
Zippo shouts: #&(%
Zippo shouts: #&(%
Zippo shouts: #&(%
Zippo shouts: #&(%
Zippo shouts: Ever spend hours and hours (like 12 or so) in one day sewing
              32 pieces of Facile together into a ball shape, then spend
              another hour turning it right-side-out through a 7-stitch seam
              and filling the bag with polyethelene pellets, only to find
              that when you go to make that last, final tug to tighten the
              last knot that you RIP THE #&(%ING PIECE OF FABRIC??
Zippo shouts: I've now done that once..

(Wiz) Minister: it seems that on here, eotl, people like to change the types
      of bricks coders have to use, without seeing if the current bricks work
      or even having any idea how to use them.
(Wiz) Minister: example discussion:  "Okay, new paradigm.  Live with it."
      "What was wrong with the old one?" "It sucked!" "How and why?  Did you
      ever try using it for actual mud applications?" "It didn't do X and X,
      so it sucked!" "But now it does Y and Z badly..."

(Wiz) Tabitha: One of my Life Ambitions is to design a comic book with a
      female superhero who has more talents than the perkyness of her bust.

Ricorn tells you: if we all thought hard enough, i wonder if our combined
                mental energy would be enough to cause ds to spontaneously
You tell Ricorn: nah....
You tell Ricorn: e=mc^2
You tell Ricorn: and thats _alot_ of mass.....
Ricorn tells you: hell even without the c^2 we'd come up short

(Wiz) Rookie: man after the wei i played basketball with them massachusetts
      white folk today i might get a letter from the naacp kicking me out of
      the black race
(Wiz) Rookie: dear mr. samuel, we understand you were embarassed by a bunch
      of 13 year white kids that weren't from the ghetto.  we regret to
      inform you that you are no longer considered part of the african race. 
      thank you.

You go: imaj, what kinda terminal you playin on?
Imaj says: A dinky Commodore 128, with a 2400 baud modem.

[Yahoo] Tabitha: Guess you and I will never pair, Duncan.
[Yahoo] Duncan: and you'll never ever beat me either

(Group) Duncan: u must get many pieces by exploiting the weak
(Group) Duncan: did i say the weak, i meant felzin
-Felzin don't get no respect.

[ChDaemon] Duncan has joined game.
[-GaMeZ-] Duncan: c2c4
[-GaMeZ-] Locus: whee, going to kick Duncan's butt
[-GaMeZ-] Duncan: makes a change from kissing it eh?

(Wiz) morgaine: come on guys, this is a serious joke

boot bill gates -> Superfluous boots Bill in the Gates.

Morgaine shouted: you can get anything you want, at alice's restaurant
Morgaine shouted: hey is arlo still alive?
Morgaine shouted: is there anyone on old enough to know who im talking about?
Moriarty shouted: was he the cook?
Morgaine shouted: arlo guthrie, you know, the guy on the group w bench...
Morgaine shouted: Titan tells you: did he mud here?

During discussions on who has EotL shell accounts...
(Wiz) Ricorn: let's give valentino a shell

(Wiz) Zippo: what a @%^&
(Wiz) Hannah: who, kyle?
(Wiz) Zippo: yah he logged off without giving me his darkest fantasy

(Wiz) Devilspawn: I wouldnt comment on it if it wernt the truth.

(Wiz) Ricorn: im glad i can continually fail to satisfy all i encounter

Superfluous says: How can there be such an overwhelming concentration of
                  @$$holes in such a small environment?

[Yahoo] morgaine: personally i think things have just been really screwed
        since right around the time we became wizards
[Yahoo] Rookie: agreed

(Wiz) Devo: I coded your thing markus but it does not work

(Wiz) Devo: hey guess what
(Wiz) Devo: you can finger me now

[Yahoo] Rookie: devo u know i love u im just tryin to look cool on wiz chanel

that's one of the best movies ever made.
           Ilovemira on "The Craft" on the Movie Page

Harlequin tells you: I'd give them more endurance skills/bondage back
Harlequin tells you: jesus bandage even *bog*
[talking about what to do to buff up fighters guild]

(Aftermath) Ricorn: man im headin fer a quitmud
(Aftermath) Malice: i did that yestaurday

+=Linux=+ Tabitha: It was sent in mime, but it's been forwareded a couple of
          times (I had to forward it from my uni account to my home account
          because "mail" (xterm mail reader) couldn't handle the mime.(
+=Linux=+ Sly: sounds like the first 60 seconds of a Seinfeld episode....
+=Linux=+ Sly: "george, did you use the MIME... "  "Mime. Shmime Jerry.. it's
          ALL MIME these days.. EVERYWHERE... ahh... i gotta go"

(Group) Duncan: kings are for pinning queens
-Kathead and Duncan trying to explain the role of kings in chess
to Renaissance.

Nyarlathotep says: Not really... There's Dagon, that's easy, but
                   likely to be thought to be a typo for Dragon.
[Yahoo] Devo: how bout dagon?
[Yahoo] Markus: you mean dragon?
[Yahoo] Devo: no dagon
[Nyarlathotep choosing a name to get promoted with...]

[Locus]: I bed you all a good night
[Locus]: er bid
[Locus]: bid dammit, freudian slip

1. What do you like about EOTL?

At one point I liked talking to kathead, then I figured out he was a guy.
  -Wizzard's Frob App.

(Wiz) Anastasia: it would be the first time my name was in .quotes that 
      wasn't sex related

Tristar tells you: why isnt it telling me who all is on wildboar
[LC] You make a LegChat for Tristar.

(Wiz) Mute: yeah he's a friggin' addict
(Wiz) Mute: that's how it happens ya know
(Wiz) Mute: one minute here
(Wiz) Mute: another minute there
(Wiz) Mute: 15 minutes before work
(Wiz) Mute: then 45 minutes on saturday
(Wiz) Mute: next thing you know yer broke, rent is due, no food the dog is
      starvin' the girlfriend left ya and you have a P233/MMX with a K56 Flex
      modem and BUME YER MUDDIN' in five processes playin mortals nand
      wizases and S#!% #*(^ yer hoooked all over gain

[Yahoo] Reflex: ok, who made me lick valentino?

(Wiz) Fugue: man you guys suck
(Wiz) Lister nods nog nog nog nog.
(Wiz) Lister: And you know why we suck?
(Wiz) Fugue: why's that?
(Wiz) Lister: 'Cause we're sittin' here bitching about not having
      girlfriends, when we could probably get 'em if we put as much energy
      into that as we do into bitching about not having 'em.
(Wiz) Reflex: i only bitch here when i'm forced to be bored
(Wiz) Fugue: I've seen pictures of you man. The energy of a nuclear explosion
      couldn't help ya

Duncan says: wow, i just noticed im speaking murese

Moriarty goes: Lag.  The only constant of this place...

<Gossip> Valentino: but if I'm not repromoted, well, people will be

Blazer tells you: she told me either her or mudding....and i just logged
                on and started playing laf

(Wiz) Kathead: plenty of teflon lube an oohhhh baby
(Wiz) Kathead: I'm really attached to my bike

(Wiz) Jimbotomy: Bog.
(Wiz) Jimbotomy: Found a frob in my workroom.
(Wiz) Jimbotomy: I gotta lay down some frob poison and other frob traps.
(Wiz) Hannibal: if you found one, there are hundreds behind the walls
(Wiz) Jimbotomy: Exactly.