Megabrain's Frob Test

Yet another log of Megabrain [Timeslip, Mon Nov  7 15:50:05]
Ok.. Jimbotomy asked me to log this a while ago. This was about a month
ago on the night of the first Nine Inch Nails concert. Megabrain had bugged
me (Timeslip) to ask a arch to frob him? So finally as a joke I asked on
wiz channel. And here goes the log as Jimbo test Megabrain to see if he is
worthy of being promoted!

Jimbotomy says: Why, hello, Timeslip.
You bow.
Megabrain laFs.
Megabrain says: i don't wanna sound dumb...:)
Megabrain says: although i prolly do already
Jimbotomy says: Oh, don't worry.  Everyone's nervous when being considered
Megabrain says: well first of all i'd like to learn how to code
Jimbotomy nods.
Megabrain says: more
Megabrain grins, "Heh heh heh."
Jimbotomy says: Any other reasons?
Megabrain says: once i do i'd like to code some areas, monsters and stuff
		like that
Jimbotomy says: Okay.
Jimbotomy says: Now, first I'm going to quiz you on some basic knowledge that
		I think all frob candidates should know.
Megabrain says: uhh...ok
Jimbotomy says: We'll start with the easy ones and then get progessively
Megabrain says: uh oh.. :) ok
Megabrain says: shoot
Jimbotomy says: Okay.  What's 1+1?
Megabrain says: 2
Jimbotomy says: Very good.
Megabrain says: these arn't trick questions are they? :)
Jimbotomy says: How much would would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could
		chuck wood?
Megabrain ponders thoughtfully.
Jimbotomy says: Oh, no, I wouldn't trick you.
Jimbotomy says: Oops.  I should say:
Jimbotomy says: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could
		chuck wood?
Megabrain says: uhh 10 ?
Megabrain smirks.
Jimbotomy says: Wrong.
Megabrain says: how much?
Jimbotomy says: A woodchuck would chuck as much as he could chuck if a
		woodchuck could chuck wood.
Megabrain says: uhh...doh!
Megabrain says: man i suck
Jimbotomy says: Okay.
Megabrain says: do i fail?
Jimbotomy says: No, don't worry.  Many worthy frob candidates get that one
Megabrain says: go on
Jimbotomy says: All right.
Jimbotomy says: If x = 4, and y = 3x, and zippo = 2y + x, what is 2z+3?
Jimbotomy says: "zippo" should be "z"
Megabrain says: ok
Jimbotomy says: Darned nicknames.
Megabrain says: one sec
Megabrain says: let me think this out :)
Jimbotomy steps on something.
Megabrain says: 12x+3?
Jimbotomy twitches their nose.
Jimbotomy says: In real terms.
Jimbotomy says: Where x is equal to 4.
Megabrain says: oh yeah
Megabrain says: didn't see that
Megabrain says: 59?
Jimbotomy says: Correct!
Megabrain goes, "Woo!  Woo!"
Jimbotomy says: Very good.  Let's move on.
Megabrain says: ok
Jimbotomy says: Complete this sequence of numbers: 1 3 6 10 __
Megabrain says: 15
Jimbotomy says: Very good!
Megabrain laFs.
Jimbotomy says: Okay, that's it for the easy questions.  Let's move on to
		some that are more difficult.
Megabrain goes, "Doh!"
Megabrain says: ok
Megabrain crosses its fingers.
Jimbotomy says: George is tipsy one night and falls into a circular fountain
		at the center of town.
Jimbotomy says: He grasps for the wall, stands up.
Jimbotomy says: Then, he walks due south for 6 feet, until he hits a wall at
		the edge of the fountain.
Jimbotomy says: He then turns due east and walks another 8 feet before
		hitting the edge of the fountain again.
Jimbotomy says: At this point, he decides he has had enough fun and goes
Megabrain scratches its forehead thoughtfully.
Jimbotomy says: What's the diameter of the fountain?
Megabrain says: hrm...
Megabrain says: 64?
Jimbotomy says: Nope.  10 feet.
Megabrain says: why'd that?
Megabrain bonks itself on the head.
Jimbotomy says: The distance he travels forms the legs of a right triangle,
		of which the diameter is the hypotnuse.
Megabrain says: i should study my math more
Megabrain says: laf
Jimbotomy says: Pythageros (spelling) and whatever later.
Megabrain says: i get it
Jimbotomy says: Okay.
Jimbotomy says: Next question.
Jimbotomy says: Bob is bear hunting.
Jimbotomy says: He gathers stuff from camp and makes preparations.
Jimbotomy says: He then walks one half a kilometer due south, at which point
		he spots a bear.
Jimbotomy says: He fumbles around with his gun, but the bear runs off.
Jimbotomy says: He then follows the bear another half kilometer due south,
		where he finds the bear, takes aim, and discovers he has
		forgotten to load the gun.
Jimbotomy says: The bear runs due east, and Bob runs after him.
Jimbotomy says: A half kilometer later (after walking due east), he finds the
		bear again, aims, shoots, and misses.
Jimbotomy says: The bear runs another half kilometer due east, and Bob
		follows him.
Megabrain says: stupid hunter :)
Jimbotomy says: He then takes aim yet again, but his gun jams.
Megabrain smirks.
Jimbotomy says: Disgusted at himself, he walks one kilometer north back to
Jimbotomy says: What color was the bear?
Megabrain says: bear color?
Megabrain says: black or brown?
Jimbotomy says: Is that your answer?
Megabrain says: hrm...let me think
Megabrain smirks.
Megabrain says: brown
Jimbotomy says: Wrong.  The bear was white.
Megabrain says: sigh
Megabrain says: why's that?
Megabrain screams loudly!
Megabrain rolls its eyes.
Jimbotomy says: Well, the hunter went one kilometer south, one kilometer
		east, and one kilometer north, and was back at the spot he
Megabrain says: where does it say it was a polar bear?
Megabrain says: so?
Megabrain says: :)
Jimbotomy says: Thus, he was at the north pole, where the only bears are
		polar bears.
Megabrain screams loudly!
Jimbotomy says: A related question.
Megabrain says: ok
Jimbotomy says: If you start at the north pole, go 1 km south, 1 km east, and
		1km north, you'll end up at the same spot.
Jimbotomy says: Are the any other places where you can do the same thing?
Megabrain says: but i got no brain :)
Megabrain says: hrm
Megabrain goes, "This sucks, Butt-Head!  Change it!  Change it!  Change it!"
Megabrain says: i dunno...south pole?
Jimbotomy says: At the south pole, you cannot go south.
Megabrain says: shrug
Jimbotomy says: So. no, that's incorrect.
Megabrain says: whats the answer now? :)
Jimbotomy says: If you start one and 1/3.14 km from the south pole, though,
		you can go south one kilometer...
Jimbotomy says: Then traveling east one km will take you in a complete circle
		around the pole...then, going north one km will take you back
		to your original spot.
Jimbotomy says: Next question.
Megabrain says: ok
Jimbotomy says: If all arlks are blums, and some blums are cepts, what do you
		know about the relationship between arlks and cepts?
Jimbotomy says: Rather, what can you prove about the relationship between
		arlks and cepts?
Megabrain says: they're blums?
Megabrain says: no not really :)
Megabrain says: they're the same?
Jimbotomy says: Is there at least one arlk that is a cept?
Megabrain flips head over heels.
Megabrain says: yes
Jimbotomy says: Are all arlks cepts?
Megabrain says: nope
Megabrain says: they could...
Megabrain says: but not neccessarily
Jimbotomy says: So, you are saying that "some arlks are cepts"?
Megabrain says: yah
Jimbotomy says: Wrong.
Megabrain sighs.
Megabrain says: whast the answer now
Jimbotomy says: All dogs are mammals.  Some mammals are cats.  No dogs are 
Megabrain screams loudly!
Jimbotomy says: dog = arlk, mammal = blum, and cat = cept.
Megabrain says: where do you learn that? :)
Jimbotomy says: Simple logic, really.
Megabrain says: heh
Megabrain sighs.
Jimbotomy says: Okay, one last question.
Megabrain says: ok
Megabrain nods nog nog screwed screwed.
Jimbotomy says: Explain the process of nuclear fusion as it occurs in a
		tokomak reactor.
Megabrain: say i have no idea
Megabrain says: what?
Megabrain says: chain reaction?
Jimbotomy says: Well, you have deuterium, which is hydrogen with 1 neutron,
		and tritium, which is hydrogen with 2 neutrons (which is also
Jimbotomy says: At sufficient temperatures and pressures driven by magnetic
		fields, the nuclei of the deuterium collide, forming He3 and
		a neutron.  An additional dueterium nuclei can collide with
		that He3 nuclei and form He4 and H, but that's not necessary.
Jimbotomy says: It's easier for deuterium and tritium to fuse and create He4
		because of the extra neutrons, but tritium is rare and
Jimbotomy says: All right.  That concludes the knowledge test.
Megabrain says: of which i have none :)
Jimbotomy says: Now, would you still like to be a frob?
Megabrain says: yah
Jimbotomy says: Okay, I'll go on to some questions about frobbing in
Jimbotomy says: What coding experience do you have?
Megabrain smirks.
Megabrain says: quick basic and going over totimeslip's and watching him :)
Megabrain says: which is to say...not all to much
Jimbotomy says: Okay.
Jimbotomy says: Have you ever played on another mud?
Megabrain says: nope
Megabrain: say i'm a tipper
Jimbotomy says: Have you ever wizzes on another mud?
Jimbotomy says: Wizzed, rather?
Megabrain shakes its head.
Jimbotomy says: Okay, here's a line of code.  Evaluate what it does.
Megabrain goes, "Doh!"
Megabrain says: ok
Jimbotomy says: foo = (foo<0?-foo:foo)
Megabrain scratches its forehead thoughtfully.
Megabrain says: it does nothing?
Jimbotomy shakes his head.
Megabrain sighs.
Jimbotomy says: It changes foo to the absolute value of foo.
Megabrain says: it say foo?
Megabrain says: why would you wanna do that?
Jimbotomy says: That's a good question, Megabrain.  Why would someone want to
		do that?
Jimbotomy says: And that's your next question.
Megabrain says: ok
Megabrain says: so they can annoy stupid frob wannabe's
Megabrain says: and
Megabrain says: your bored?
Jimbotomy says: If, for instance, you want the distance from one point to
		another, it makes little sense to keep it as a negative
Megabrain grumbles.
Jimbotomy says: Okay.  Here's an ethical question.
Megabrain says: okay
Jimbotomy says: A friend of yours wanders into an area.
Jimbotomy says: He's never explored the area before.
Jimbotomy says: He enters a room, and fights a monster.
Jimbotomy says: His wimpy kicks in, which moves him to a different room,
		where another monster waits.  That monster attacks, and
		forces another wimpy.
Jimbotomy says: The player then goes link-dead, but, upon coming back,
		discovers that he has died.  He then asks you to unkill him.
Jimbotomy says: What do you do?
Megabrain says: don't do it
Megabrain says: or ask permission
Jimbotomy says: Wrong.
Megabrain says: what?
Jimbotomy says: First of all, you just ignore him.
Jimbotomy says: As a frob, you should not even talk to mortals.
Jimbotomy says: Secondly, you should not ask permission, because it's
		obviously a fair kill.
Jimbotomy says: Thirdly, you should kill the mortal again for being so stupid
		and presumptuous.
Jimbotomy says: Okay.
Jimbotomy says: I think that's it.  Let's review.
Megabrain goes, "Doh!"
Jimbotomy says: You got most of the basic general questions right.
Megabrain laFs.
Jimbotomy says: But when they got tougher, you didn't get a single one.
Megabrain says: 1 plus 1 :)
Jimbotomy says: You have no coding experience; you've never played or wizzed
		on another mud.
Jimbotomy says: You have little knowledge of code, and your ethics could use
		some work.
Megabrain says: in other words i suck
Jimbotomy says: Now, I have one final question.
Jimbotomy says: Actually, one task for you to perform.
Jimbotomy waves his paws frantically!   Something appears out of nothingness.
Jimbotomy points at piano.
Jimbotomy says: As I said previously today...
Jimbotomy says: This piano, if you play it twice, it will either kill you or
		give you 3000000 exp.
Jimbotomy says: This, however, is a different version of the piano.
Jimbotomy says: It will either kill you or frob you.
Jimbotomy says: Now, you can say "Forget it", and leave right now.
Jimbotomy says: Or you can play the piano.
Jimbotomy says: Your choice.
Megabrain plays the piano.
Thankfully, the piano doesn't explode.
Megabrain says: i played it
Jimbotomy says: You have to play it twice.
Megabrain plays the piano.
The piano explodes!
_Piano kills Megabrain!_
An eerie mist rises from Megabrain's corpse.
A new piano miraculously replaces the old one.
The ghost of Megabrain says: oh well
Jimbotomy says: Darn.  Too bad for you.  Nice try, though.
You start rolling on the floor, laughing hysterically.
The ghost of Megabrain says: hehe
Jimbotomy says: Have a good day.
Jimbotomy is through playing now.
The ghost of Megabrain has no brain <tempest>.
The ghost of Megabrain says: uh huh

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