From: Calin
Date: Sun Nov 29 17:25:23
To: Duncan
Subject: Excused!
CC: waldo zaphod moe torenthal xurbax

All I know is that I came on while it was lagging and was a god!
I did deleted some apps and some arches, but I didn't make any new ones.
I couldn't figure it out fast enough.  Gaea and Zaphod, or Ragadast, kept
desting me.  Also I think this mud is kinda screwy.  I wanted to be rewiz, not
became a god!  When I became a god, I thought I would add a few touch up on
the mud that you might not have considered, i.e. deleting some sorry wizzes.
And making the logon a little more interesting, since it is really
boring.  I thought you guys actually wanted me to be a god on this mud.  
Well, how about making me a wiz again?  I think I deserves it.  Since I do
make this mud more interesting.  I would like to code again.
Thanks for reading this letter.

Calin the ex-god, and want to be wiz.