Frames: Browser Innovation, or Visual Blight?

Now Introducing

The "I Hate Frames" Award

Exclusively from EotL! Accept no imitations!

This Award
The 'I Hate Frames' Award!
has been given to
a sensitive person who is
fed up with evil frames!

This very special award was inspired by our own resident Frames Hater, Zippo. Those who have had this honor officially bestowed upon them are listed below. Do you hate frames and feel you are worthy enough to display this icon on your page? Do you hunger for yet another award in your growing collection? Could you never use frames in a million years? Are you cool enough to receive this great award? Let us know!

Award Recipients

* Quattpatt's Tervueren Photography (27 Aug 2000)
* Fools' Press (27 Aug 2000)
* Dustin's Ruminations (11 Mar 2000)

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