Web Site Award for Self-Proclaimed Excellence

This Award
(The 'Web Site Award for Self-Proclaimed Excellence'!)
has been given to
a person of large bandwidth
and even larger awards pages

This is a special award created for those who are flexible enough to pat themselves on the back. Show the world that you're hot stuff and you know it! We prefer that you obtain previous awards before this one, but it's not a requirement! Are you cool enough to receive this great award? Let us know!

Award Recipients

* Page of Random (11 Mar 2000)
* Dustin's Ruminations (11 Mar 2000)
* Stephanie (27 Jul 1999) [site is now gone, was http://www.angelfire.com/tn/TeeJayy/]
* ~Ms.Harley2000~ (27 Jun 1999) [The award is on Awards Page 8]
* Voy (10 Jul 1998) - Feel her power!
* Barbara (2 Jul 1997)

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